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You are planning on starting a new chapter in your life and it is time for you to get a new home. But getting a home-ownership is actually a pretty big deal as there are many things that needs to be done. Heavy responsibilities awaits and you are probably worried that things might not go smoothly. So here is a short and simple post that would be able to help you get started on it.



1. Budget

Plan your budget for the home properly. You need to realistically calculate how much money you are able to come out with in order to own and maintain a property. There are many other expenses like taxes, utility bills such as electricity and water, householder processing fees, insurance and also maintenance charges. Put all these into account and tally them with your income, savings and loan to see what kind of property is within your ability to afford and maintain in the long-run. Poor unrealistic planning will result in only problems and debts.


2. Type of Home

Know what property type you are looking for. You would probably have an idea of what is in range for you after planning your budget. From there, prioritize and list out the things you want and need. How many bedrooms? Detached or semi-detached housing? High or low floor? Any special features like balcony or garden that you fancy? A clear picture of your wants and needs would help you compromise with yourself better when it finally comes down to deciding on the type of property you will go for.



3. Location of home

Pick a location that suits you or your family. Do you enjoy living in a tranquil environment with nature greenery or maybe a quiet riverside with beautiful scenery? Or are you someone who prefer living in a hustling and bustling urbanize city? Finding the right environment is clearly important, as it will influence in the kind of lifestyle you will be having, whether it’s a metropolitan or a rural one. When choosing a location, also remember to look out if the area is safe, as having negative traits such as high crime rate or high pollution is definitely a no-go. 


 4. Accessibility

How accessible is the location? Convenience is undeniably one of the most important attribute to have for a good location. A good location will always be situated in a spot where it have easy access to various transportation means such as bus services, bus interchange, train stations and airport. It will also be well linked to major roads and highways to connect to other parts of the map. See how many of these criteria are met when choosing the location, as poor connectivity is not ideal, needless to say.


5. Amenities

What are the amenities available in the surrounding neighbourhood nearby? Checkup on amenities like supermarkets, malls, clinics, hospitals and shophouses which are essential while others like recreational facilities, entertainment outlets, parks and attractions might also be important to you due to personal interests. Having schools located nearby is also necessary if you have children or is planning to have one in the future.


6. Price

As a purchaser, it is a must for you to at least do some research on the market price of the type of home you are going to buy. But do take note that the prices varies from regions to regions, and there are many factors that result in the price of that property including the quality of furnishes, facilities available in the property, the location (closer to the heart of city is more expensive), etc. However there might be exceptions and therefore, it is always best to check the recent sales of a unit similar to it in that area for comparison, and then confirm it with real estate agents. It is your money, so make sure you do the homework to be assured enough to know the value of what you are exchanging them for.


Well, hopefully the six points cited above are able to be of some use to you, aiding you in getting the home of your dreams soon.  However, if you do need further assistance or any sort of professional help, feel free to call +65 9060 9106.  Cheers!



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