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So it is time for the holiday guests to pay your home a visit, but you are unprepared and is worried that the visitors would encounter an unpleasant experience. Fret not, here are some points to let you know what your home might be currently lacking and also some of the ways to make it better. The resulting warm and welcoming environment would surely impress all your visiting friends, acquaintance, family members, loved ones and most important of all, yourself!


1.) The Grand Entrance

The entrance usually leaves the first impression, so be sure to make the image a good one. Keep your shoe rack neat and tidy, with a clear walkway leading them up to an obvious spot for them to put their things like outerwear, bags and other items they have. As the entrance gives a general head-start of what your home would be like, you might want to decorate it with suitable accessories and ornaments. An example is to place a well-designed doormat that suits the style of the home.


2.) The Color to Reflect the Personality

Colors have the ability to set the different emotions and moods. Your personality can be show and express thoroughly with the type of colors you choose for your home. Paint your walls with warm colors such as brown, red and yellow to induct a sense of coziness in the usually larger areas, while cool colors like blue, purple and green have the effect to be able calm and soothe people’s mind. Or maybe you can choose the best commonly used white, which gives a pure and virtuous ambience in general, fitting in most types of home.




3.) Overall Style and Decoration

Be true to your own style and decorate your home with the designs and furnishes that suits your tastes. For a starter, you can hang up all your treasured frame photos and art pieces onto the walls or showcase your precious antique items in your living room. There are literally tons of style you can go from here. For a more nature feel, you can stick to wood finishing, set up a vase of flowers on the table and some pots of plants along the hallway. Go for a set of cultural themed fixtures for a strong heritage feel, or maybe some fancy and unique furniture for a more modern feel with the colorful cushions and curvy sofas in the living room.


4.) Well-Planned Furniture Placement

Proper furniture placement and arrangement is necessary. Imagine a scenario of what it is like when you invite a couple of guests over and there are not enough seats in the living or dining room. Or maybe when the seats are too far apart which make it impossible to have a leisure conversation. Imagine another scene where everybody starts to walk around and there is actually not enough space, resulting in a line of awkward individuals queuing up for free.  All these seems to be funny when you think about it, but it is really embarrassing when they actually happens for real. Therefore, it is important to have good furniture placement to avoid all the future inconvenience and problems. The sofa, chairs, tables and everything else, be sure to plan the placement correctly and make sure that they fall into place well.




5.) Setting the Atmosphere with Signature Smell and Lighting

There is a variety of ways to set the atmosphere to be of a pleasant and soothing one. One can play with the different lighting effects to create numerous mood effects to suit the different occasions. Lighting candles, lamps and light dimmers are some great choice of light sources in creating superb ambiance in compare to the normal switch lights. That, paired with some fine smooth music and a fresh aromatic scent would be truly relishing. Home sweet home indeed.


6.) Cleanliness

This is the last point and is also the most straightforward one. Be sure to clean and tidy up your home! An untidy and low-maintenance home would definitely give others the poorest impression ever. So before you start working on the other points mentioned above, start on this particular one first ASAP! Start cleaning your windows and wipe the corners of your house. Sweep your floor and mop it after. Get rid of all the dusts and dirt. Fix all the faulty torn and cracks. Clean the areas that smells of odor and stench such as the kitchen, toilet, pet zone and floor carpets. All these small issues might seem trivial but when they add up, it will become a massive problem and an absolute nightmare so please start cleaning up! Now!



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